Visit of Petra - Starting from Petra

Visit of Petra - Starting from Petra

Visit of Petra - Starting from Petra Daily - Full day tour

Full Day
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The wondrous city of Petra has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its spectacular monuments that can almost seem surreal. Petra is the jewel of the Nabataean Kingdom in Jordan; all of its building and structures are carved in the stones of the mountains of the Mujib Valley. The city was lost to the world until the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt disguised himself as a Muslim and set on a quest to discover the mythical city in 1812. Petra was built, or carved, over 2000 years ago by the Arab Nabataean. It flourished quickly and became the center of various trade and pilgrimage routes of the old world, until it was annexed by the Roman emperor of Trajan.

Petra reveals a vast ensemble of temples, tombs, theaters and monasteries hidden within the winding valley. You begin your descent to the city through the Siq, a 200-meter tall, narrow gorge formed between the mountains that ultimately leads you to an entrancing encounter with the Treasury, or the Khazneh. Originally, this famous monument was a tomb for one of Petra’s kings but later became a temple.

Tour Price include:

- Transfer using A/C tourist Vehicle (If needed - Depending on hotel location)

- Entrance fees

- Short horse ride until Siq entrance

- Local guide hired from the site to accompany the guests for about 3 hrs.

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