Visit Pella & Um Qais - Starting from Amman

Visit Pella & Um Qais - Starting from Amman

Visit Pella & Um Qais - Starting from Amman Daily - Full day tour

Full Day
Starting From $54

A three-hour drive north of Amman takes you to Byzantine Umm Qais, an important city of the Decapolis where poets and artists were inspired and where Christ performed the Miracle of the Gadarine Swine. Anciently known as Gadara, the city is famous for its black basalt structures overlooking Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) and was the home for the famous Roman poet Theodorus, founder of the School of Rhetorics in Rome, who called Umm Qais the “New Athens.”

A favorite site for archaeologists, Pella boasts a collection of archaeological treasures including a Chalcolithic settlement dating back to the 4th Millennium BC, remains of Bronze and Iron Age walled cities, Byzantine churches and houses, an Early Islamic residential quarter and a small Medieval Islamic mosque.

Tour Price include: Transfer using A/C tourist Vehicle & Entrance fees.

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