Wadi Rum

Two hours to the south of Petra is Wadi Rum, spread out “vast, echoing and godlike,” according to Colonel Lawrence who established it as his general quarter during World War I. In order to cross a little bit of this immense desert, the optimum choice is on the back of a camel or a horse or in a 4x4. A Bedouin guide will help you discover spectacular canyons, the stone bridge, the Nabataean temple, the well of Lawrence and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the magnificent mineral cliffs that inspired one of T.E. Lawrence’s works. Wadi Rum is also a natural reserve that shelters small oasis where black irises, Jordan’s national flower, bloom in the spring. However, beware of snakes and scorpions. The encounter with the “desert patrol” soldiers with gaudy harnessing is part of the big moments of this unforgettable experience.      


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