Karak & Shobak

The historical King’s Highway, the oldest road still in use today, linking Amman to Aqaba, has witnessed the passage of Arab caravans and armies during the Great Arab Revolt, Moses leading the Hebrews, caravans of Nabataean kings and crusader armies. The Crusader era in Jordan left magnificent evidences of that period of history like the Kerak and the Showbak castles, two impressive examples of fortified structures that witnessed great wars and sieges.

Reynald de Chatillon was Karak Castle’s most famous occupant during the Cursader Era in Jordan who broke the peace with Saladdin. He and King Guy of Jerusalem waged war against the Muslims but were defeated and Reynald was taken prisoner, marking the beginning of the decline of the Crusaders.

The Showbak Castle, less than an hour north of Petra, is another Crusader fort that used to be called Mont Real and that fell to Saladdin 75 years after it was built.


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