Desert Castles

Enigmatic desert structures are scattered around the infinite desert, remnants of the flourishing Islamic civilization of the Umayyad Dynasty and forming a string of castles, caravanserai, fortresses and retreats. Qusair Amra is the smallest and the most popular of all structures with its fresco-adorned walls and ceilings. It is mainly a hunting and feasting lodge, defined by the hunting, singing and dancing scenes depicted in its frescos.

Qasr Kharanah is an enchanting caravaensaeri in the middle of the desert. Its imposing two-level structure captivates the senses and evokes feelings of the magnificent history that engulfed this place. The Azraq fortress constitutes the headquarters of T.E. Lawrence during the Great Arab Revolt. In the same Azraq region lies the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, sheltering thousands of migrating birds, buffalos, jackals and oryx. Other castles worth visiting are Qasr Al Hallabat, Qasr Muwakkar and Qasr Mushatta.


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