The ancient Citadel Hill in the heart of Amman reveal traces of lost civilizations; royal columns of the Temple of Hercules, Corinthian capitals of the Byzantine Church and the monumental gate of the Umayyad Palace. Downhill you will find the Nymphaeum, a 2nd Century Roman fountain. In the same area of Downtown Amman lies the beautiful pink and white al-Husseini Mosque, erected on the foundations of a mosque constructed in 640 by Omar Ibn al-Khattab, the second caliph of Islam. Al-Husseini mosque was reconstructed by King Abdullah I and was later restored by King Hussein.

While downtown, stroll through the old souks (shops), enjoy mint-flavored tea at a café and try the “hubbly bubbly,” or the water pipe, and shop for authentic Jordanian souvenirs. Take a walk in the Rainbow Street and admire Jordanian architecture demonstrated in beautiful villas built over half a century ago and naturally decorated by wild Jasmine.

In the outskirts of Amman you find charming villages like Kan Zaman and its fortress, a favorite tourist destination where you can dine authentic Arabic food and buy original souvenirs from local artisan shops. A thirty-minute ride from Amman takes you to the city of Salt, the original political center of Jordan before the foundation of Amman, and also to the old city of Fuheis with its handicraft shops and authentic food restaurant.

Built on 19 hills of white beige calcareous, the city is formed on eight “circles,” these roundabouts regulate traffic. Created by Ptolémée II (285-246) under the name of Philadelphia, Jordan’s capital Amman became very prosperous until its absorption by the Roman Empire (63 BC). At the crossroad of commercial axes of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and Egypt, Amman gradually became a big administrative center, bringing together the multiple remnants of the different civilizations that participated in its development.

Today, large arteries streak this metropolis where banks, companies, commercial centers and large hotels liven the center of the city. To the East, the residential quarter of Abdoun contains a concentration of lavish villas and gardens. Near the Parliament, the dome of the Mosque of King Abdullah hangs over the capital.


Jabal Amman 3rd Circle – Prince Mohammad Street – Baraka Complex #252 / Third Floor Amman - Jordan